Jan/03 New Year’s Day (substitute day)
Feb/16 Makha Bucha
Apr/06 चकरी दिवस
Apr/13 Songkran महोत्सव
Apr/14 Songkran महोत्सव
Apr/15 Songkran महोत्सव
May/02 National Labor Day (substitute day)
May/04 राज्याभिषेक का दिन
May/16 Visakha Bucha (substitute day)
Jun/03 Birthday of H.M. Queen Suthida
Jul/13 Asarnha Bucha
Jul/28 King Vajiralongkorn’s Birthday
Jul/29 Financial Institutions’ Special Holiday
Aug/12 The Queen’s Birthday
Oct/13 HM the King’s Memorial Day
Oct/14 Financial Institutions’ Special Holiday 2
Oct/24 Chulalongkorn Day (substitute day)
Dec/05 HM the King’s Birthday
Dec/10 Constitution Day (substitute day)
Dec/31 नए साल की शाम
Jan/02 नए साल की शाम