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Brazil Services Activity Growth at 5-Month Low
The IHS Markit Brazil Services Business Activity Index dropped to 50.9 in November 2019 from 51.2 in the previous month. The reading pointed to the weakest expansion in the services sector since June, as new orders rose at the softest pace in the current five-month sequence of growth mainly due to a fall in export sales. Also, the job creation rate eased to a four-month low and outstanding business declined further. On the price front, input cost inflation slowed to a three-month low and was below its long-run average and output price inflation rose at the softest pace in four months. Looking ahead, sentiment strengthened to a three-month high boosted by optimism regarding favourable public policies, expanded client bases and better economic conditions.

Brazil Services Activity Growth Slows in October
The IHS Markit Brazil Services Business Activity Index fell to 51.2 in October 2019 from 51.8 in the previous month, signalling slower output growth. New orders increased the most since March, with new export business rising for only the second time in the year-to-date. Employment rose for the third successive month and at the steepest pace in over four-and-a-half years. Meanwhile, backlogs were down for the fifty-first month in a row in October. On the price front, input cost inflation picked up on higher prices for energy, fuel, oil and staff, while output charge inflation was among the highest in close to four years. Looking ahead, business confidence improved.

Brazil Services Activity Continue to Expand in September
The seasonally adjusted IHS Markit Brazil Services Business Activity Index rose to 51.8 in September 2019 from 51.4 in August. New work orders went up at the fastest pace in six months boosted by expanded client bases and strengthening demand conditions. Meantime, new export orders continued to shrink, but at the slowest rate in the current seven-month period of downturn. The job creation rate advanced was the sharpest pace in over four-and-a-half years, as payrolls numbers increased in three out of the five monitored sub-sectors, led by Finance & Insurance. On the price front, input cost inflation went up to a four-month high, surpassing its long-run average, due to higher price of fuel, car parts, construction materials, food and staff; and output cost inflation accelerated to a six-month high. Looking ahead, optimism softened to three-month low, but was elevated in the context of the series history.

Brazil Services Activity Growth Slows in August
The IHS Markit Brazil Services PM fell to 51.4 in August 2019 from 52.2 in the previous month. New orders rose for the second consecutive month amid stronger domestic demand and expanded client bases while new export orders dropped for the sixth straight month. The job creation rate rose slightly, as employment increase for the second time in ten months. Meantime, backlogs of work declined for the forty-ninth month in a row, the rate of depletion remained sharp despite easing. On the price front, input cost inflation advanced boosted by higher prices of basic items, car parts, food and fuel. And output cost inflation accelerated to the strongest in five months. Finally, optimism weakened from July's near six-year high, as sentiment was dampened by worries regarding privatization, airport concession and troubles in international markets.

Brazil Services Sector Returns to Growth in July
The IHS Markit Brazil Services PM rose to 52.2 in July of 2019 from 48.2 in the previous month, pointing to the first expansion in output for four months. This led to a renewed upturn in new business inflows, driven by increases in the consumer sector and finance & insurance. Meanwhile, employment fell further in July while lower external demand was reported, with exports decreasing at the quickest pace since September 2018. In terms of prices, input inflation moderated to over four-year low while output cost went up for the fifth straight month, although at a softer pace compared to the previous month. Looking ahead, business sentiment improved to a near six-year high, supported by expectations of better economic conditions, favourable public policies, partnership, investment and new biddings.

Brazil Services Activity Contracts for 3rd Month
The IHS Markit Brazil Services PMI rose to 48.2 in June 2019 from 47.8 in the previous month. The latest reading pointed to the third consecutive monthly contraction in services activity, amid political and economic issues, weaker demand and the loss of regular clientele. New orders dropped for the first time in nine months and new export orders declined for the fourth straight month. Also, the job shedding rate fell at the steepest pace in ten months mostly due to falling sales, lack of funds and restructuring efforts. On the price front, input cost inflation slowed to a 5-month low while output price inflation accelerated to a 3-month high. Finally, confidence deteriorated slightly amid concerns regarding airport concessions and lingering demand weakness.

ब्राज़ील व्यापार अंतिम पिछला उच्चतम निम्नतम इकाई
सर्विसेस पी म आई 51.00 50.90 57.10 36.90 अंक [+]
कारोबारी विश्वास 64.30 62.50 68.50 35.00 अंक [+]
विनिर्माण पी म आई 50.20 52.90 53.50 41.60 अंक [+]
समग्र पीएमआई 50.90 51.80 55.50 38.30 सेंसेक्स [+]
औद्योगिक उत्पादन -1.70 1.00 37.20 -27.70 प्रतिशत [+]
औद्योगिक उत्पादन (मासिक) -1.20 0.80 25.10 -24.40 प्रतिशत [+]
विनिर्माण उत्पादन -0.60 2.30 18.90 -17.00 प्रतिशत [+]
क्षमता उपयोग 78.20 78.00 84.60 75.90 प्रतिशत [+]
सूची में परिवर्तन 24590.09 -2847.56 31767.86 -61243.01 बीआरएल - लाख [+]
कार उत्पादन 170500.00 227455.00 352531.00 2144.00 इकाइयों [+]
वाहन पंजीकरण 263.00 242.00 420.00 2.00 हज़ार [+]
कुल वाहन बिक्री 215348.00 196769.00 325722.00 23705.00 [+]
प्रमुख आर्थिक अनुक्रमणिका 0.18 0.09 3.23 -3.37 प्रतिशत [+]
लघु व्यापार भावना 62.20 61.50 65.40 34.50 [+]
इंटरनेट की गति 6819.06 6391.73 6819.06 698.35 KBps [+]
आईपी ​​पते 26855780.00 26798386.00 35093076.00 5857696.00 IP [+]
खनन उत्पादन -8.90 -7.30 21.40 -22.80 प्रतिशत [+]
प्रतिस्पर्धात्मकता सूचकांक 60.93 59.51 60.93 3.98 अंक [+]
प्रतिस्पर्धा रैंक 71.00 72.00 75.00 48.00 [+]
व्यापार करने में आसानी 124.00 109.00 129.00 109.00 [+]
भ्रष्टाचार सूचकांक 35.00 37.00 43.00 27.00 अंक [+]
भ्रष्टाचार रैंक 105.00 96.00 105.00 36.00 [+]
इस्पात उत्पादन 2604.00 2597.00 3269.00 918.00 हजार टन [+]